A Guide to the Second Part of the 11th Lutkokaz - New Powers of the Osijek Academy

23 04 2021

Gllugl, Self-isolation in 40 Minutes, photo: AUK

Monday, 26 April, 20h
Gllugl, Self-isolation in 40 Minutes
Final exam in animation by Jura Ruža at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek
Author and performer: Jura Ruža
Mentor: Maja Lučić
About the show: What is the ideal time to go to the supermarket to avoid crowds? For how long is it safe to stay there? How do we enter our own apartments without getting the floor dirty? How to remove clothes without much skin contact? How to remove potential germs from your body? How to put on new clothes safely? How to sort groceries on the table? How to sneeze? How to wash hands? For how long? Why? How to live when the two extremes finally collide? How to survive when both sides refuse to give in? Does the need for control overpower the need for chaos? Or vice versa
Premiere: online, 2021.
Language: Croatian with English subtitles
Age: 15 +
Duration: 40 minuta

Wednesday, 28 April, 20h
Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, Marriage, Out of Hand
AUK, Marriage, Out of Hand, photo: AUK Final exam in animation by Toni Leaković at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek
Author and performer: Toni Leaković
Mentor: ArtD. Hrvoje Seršić
Set design: Ivica Leaković, Martina Livović
About the show: A story about love and quarrel, of stubbornness and compromise, of the hardships and joy of marriage told with the use of hands. Left and right, seemingly independent of one another, can only achieve their full potential when working together. Marriage itself is not necessarily good or bad; it is up to us to decide what sacrifices we want to make and how much we want to invest in the marriage. The newlyweds, Mr and Ms Handy, are facing challenges brough on by a shared life, filled with enjoyable and funny situations, but also moments that are less than ideal. Find out how they cope with their new life and whether they are willing to change to please the other in this relatable story.
Premiere: Osijek, 2018.
Language: Croatian with English subtitles
Age: 13+
Duration: 35 minute

Friday, 30 April, 20h
Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, Soul of Drava
The film was created as part of the course called Visual and Group Devised Theatre in the Form of Shadow Theatre.
Text: Lorna Kalazić
Authors: Lorna Kalazić, Tončica Knez, Rahela Šajinović, Danira Matošić, Neda Ilijević and Davor Molnar
Narators: Antonia Mrkonjić, Matea Bartulović
Co-authors and mentors: Dr. Saša Došen, Associate Professor of Arts, Davor Šarić, Associate Professor of Arts and Dr. Hrvoje Seršić, Associate Professor of Arts
About the film: It is a poetic film story shaped in the form of a shadow theatre about Man and his irresponsible attitude towards Nature. Taking Nature and all the elements for granted, the loss of any kind of respect for the One of which we are all only a small part, has taken on global proportions. This is a warning of what could happen if we continue to pollute, neglect and abuse our Planet. The personal attitude of the students towards the general pollution is embodied in the character of the girl Drava who is the only one in contact with the primary element of Water. She feels it like an inner voice that drives her in search of the Great Water that has long been littered with garbage. Only the purity of Drava’s heart, her perseverance and courage can free the Great Water from under the layers of garbage and help it to flow again and purify the Earth.
Language: English
Age: 4+
Duration: 17 minutes


Ivona Čačulović, Cat, photo: Lorna Kalazić Jelić

The Face behind the Puppet
Exhibition of students of the Department of Creative Technologies at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek according to the concept of Dr. Saša Došen, Associate Professor of Arts
About the exhibition: In addition to the works created as part of the lectures, which include puppets, masks and props, the exhibition presents their authors, students of the Department of Creative Technologies. The authors of the visual art part of puppet theatre are the creators of the first experience of the magic of puppetry, which is first and foremost something to watch. But the authors themselves most often remain hidden from the audience’s view. The exhibition Faces behind the Puppets presents portrait photographs of young artists, their thoughts on puppets and theatre (often on life and man himself) and the materialization of these ideas. On this occasion, instead of boards, dolls, masks and props, we will lean on the clear view and thoughts of their creators.
Duration: 26 April – 28 May

Zoran Petrovič, Theatre with New Media and in New Media (2 x 60 minutes)
Note: For participants of the theatre criticism workshop within the project “Critical Platform of Contemporary EU Puppetry”