Lutkokaz: AUK, Marriage, Out of Hand, 28 April, 20h

28 04 2021

AUK, Marriage, Out of Hand, photo: AUK

Final exam in animation by Toni Leaković at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek
Author and performer: Toni Leaković
Mentor: ArtD. Hrvoje Seršić
Set design: Ivica Leaković, Martina Livović
About the show: A story about love and quarrel, of stubbornness and compromise, of the hardships and joy of marriage told with the use of hands. Left and right, seemingly independent of one another, can only achieve their full potential when working together. Marriage itself is not necessarily good or bad; it is up to us to decide what sacrifices we want to make and how much we want to invest in the marriage. The newlyweds, Mr and Ms Handy, are facing challenges brough on by a shared life, filled with enjoyable and funny situations, but also moments that are less than ideal. Find out how they cope with their new life and whether they are willing to change to please the other in this relatable story.
Premiere: Osijek, 2018.
Language: Croatian with English subtitles
Age: 13+
Duration: 35 minutes