Lutkokaz: AUK, Soul of Drava, 30 April, 20h

30 04 2021

AUK, Soul of Drava, photo: YouTube Screenshot

The film was created as part of the course called Visual and Group Devised Theatre in the Form of Shadow Theatre.
Text: Lorna Kalazić
Authors: Lorna Kalazić, Tončica Knez, Rahela Šajinović, Danira Matošić, Neda Ilijević and Davor Molnar
Narators: Antonia Mrkonjić, Matea Bartulović
Co-authors and mentors: izv. prof. art. Saša Došen, izv. prof. art. Davor Šarić i izv. prof. artD. Hrvoje Seršić. Sheron Pimpi – Steiner, ass i Ivana Živković, ass.
About the film: It is a poetic film story shaped in the form of a shadow theatre about Man and his irresponsible attitude towards Nature. Taking Nature and all the elements for granted, the loss of any kind of respect for the One of which we are all only a small part, has taken on global proportions. This is a warning of what could happen if we continue to pollute, neglect and abuse our Planet. The personal attitude of the students towards the general pollution is embodied in the character of the girl Drava who is the only one in contact with the primary element of Water. She feels it like an inner voice that drives her in search of the Great Water that has long been littered with garbage. Only the purity of Drava’s heart, her perseverance and courage can free the Great Water from under the layers of garbage and help it to flow again and purify the Earth.
Language: English
Age: 4+
Duration: 17 minutes