Happy news after the festival LUTKE 2022

01 10 2022

Photo: Personal Archive

Many thanks to all who participated in LUTKE 2022!

All of you who have been following us over the last few days will have noticed that the performance The Melancholy of the Tourist had to be cancelled several times due to technical problems. The reason was that the makers, the Spanish-Mexican duo Oligor y Microscopía, lost their suitcase at the airport, which contained the entire theatrical mechanism on which their show was based. During the five days of the festival, we searched for the lost suitcase at three European airports. As it could not be found, Iztok from the workshop of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre came to the aid of the creators and rebuilt with them the replacement mechanism they used for their show.

Yesterday, news reached us from Paris airport that the two creators had found the case in Paris on their way back to Spain. So their year and a half's work has not been lost somewhere in the mass of lost luggage and their tour with The Melancholy of the Tourist can continue successfully in Europe and all over the world.

We wish them good luck!