Jõhvi actors recognized at Sarajevo Puppet Theatre Festival

10 10 2021

Source: Theatre Tuuleveski

Actors Ljubov Bogdanova and Vassili Alfjorov from the Jõhvi Theatre Tuuleveski (Windmill) have picked up the award for the best female and male actors at a Puppet Theatre Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

At the 22nd Lut Fest Puppet Theatre Festival in Sarajevo, Tuuleveski managed to garner two prizes in a competition featuring 15 theatres in seven countries, with her play "Cinderella", ETV news show "Aktuaalne kaamera" (AK) reported.

"I was very surprised by the award. I did two roles in the play: stepmother and fairy. It was confirmation for me that I was able to do the tasks set by the director," Bogdanova told AK.

"We have come a long way to get the award, and there was a lot of work to be done. Experience is also important. And probably the support of the audience also contributed, and of course, the support of colleagues in receiving the award was important," Alfjorov said.

"Cinderella" was completed at the Jõhvi Theatre two years ago under the direction of Bulgarian director Sabi Sabev. Valentina Fursova, director of the Tuuleveski Theatre, said that involving guest performers and attending festivals is the only way to develop the theater.

"When at, we can watch other theatres, especially since puppet theatre is constantly evolving as a genre. This means it is necessary to constantly learn and pick some tricks from others to use them in our productions," Fursova said.

The Tuuleveski Theatre will start the new season with five new productions completed during the coronation period.

Source: Jõhvi actors recognized at Sarajevo Puppet Theater Festival | News | ERR