Lutkokaz: Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, If I'm Gone, 1 June, 20h

01 06 2021

Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, If I'm Gone, photo: YouTube Screenshot

Based on Sergej Grigorjevič Kozlov's story If I'm Gone
Text: Maja Lučić and the ensemble
Directing and dramaturgy: Maja Lučić
Mentor: Tamara Kučinović, Assistant Professor of Arts
Visual identity of the Show: Maja Lučić
Scenography: Maja Lučić with family, Siniša Ardelić
Puppets: Maja Lučić, Tamara Kučinović and Toni Leaković
Music selection: Maja Lučić
Performers: Toni Leaković and Andrija Krištof
About the show: Somewhere at the end of the world, and perhaps even further, there is one forest. In that forest, two friends, Bear and Hedgehog, sat on swings every night and watched the sky. It was the same that night. It seemed that the two of them would again watch the stars fall together and make wishes. But... Hedgehog was strangely quiet that night. From that, it could be guessed that this evening would be different. That this very evening Hedgehog would ask a question that would change their lives forever…
Age: 12+
Duration: 45 minutes
Language: Croatian with English subtitles
Available until: 8 June