Lutkokaz: Gllugl, Hell on Earth, 2.6., 20h

02 06 2021

Gllugl, "Hell on Earth", photo: AUK

Final exam in animation by Filip Eldan, Nikša Eldan and Nino Pavleković at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek
Author: Denis Peričić
Music: Nikša Eldan, Filip Eldan, Nino Pavleković
Cast: Nikša Eldan, Filip Eldan, Nino Pavleković
Mentorship: Ljudmila Fedorova, Tamara Kučinović
About the show: Hell on Earth by Denis Peričić is written in the tradition of the mystery play, which are an important part of Croatian literary and theatrical history. This play portrays the strange, unexplainable and hellish events which portend the coming of Judgment Day, as well as the faith of the protagonist, vicar Mihalj Mendušić, and his battle against the forces of Hell“ (Borna Baletić, in the explanation of the „Marin Držić“ Award Committee). Three students of acting and puppetry have staged this text as a puppetry play in which the set, costumes and props are replaced by the actor’s instrument: the body. It is exactly for this reason that this play uses the animation of body parts in various theatric forms such as black theatre and shadow theatre.
Premiere: AUK, 2013. godine
Age: 14+
Duration: 35 minutes
Language: Croatian
Available until: 9 June