Lutkokaz: Gllugl, Self-isolation in 40 Minutes, 26 April, 20h

26 04 2021

Gllugl, Samoizolacija u 40 minuta, foto: AUK

Final exam in animation by Jura Ruža at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek

Author and performer: Jura Ruža
Mentor: Maja Lučić
Camera: Matea Bartulović, Sebastijan Borovčak, Matej Opolcer
Editing: Matea Bartulović, Sebastijan Borovčak

About the show: What is the ideal time to go to the supermarket to avoid crowds? For how long is it safe to stay there? How do we enter our own apartments without getting the floor dirty? How to remove clothes without much skin contact? How to remove potential germs from your body? How to put on new clothes safely? How to sort groceries on the table? How to sneeze? How to wash hands? For how long? Why? How to live when the two extremes finally collide? How to survive when both sides refuse to give in? Does the need for control overpower the need for chaos? Or vice versa?

Premiere: online, 2021.
Language: Croatian with English subtitles
Age: 15 +
Duration: 40 min.